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diamante-pinkstarPink Star: The most valuable diamond on the market ever. A treasure with an estimated value of 60 million dollars, this oval shaped pink diamond weighing almost 60 carats, is the largest “fancy vivid pink diamond” that the Gemological Institute of America has ever made. It’s one of earth’s biggest natural treasures.

Pilar and Silvana Fatta have taken over the leadership of the company FFI Fatta Fabbrica Italiana in October 2015 with a view to renew the company.
They decide to give birth to a line of bags very different to the traditional ones FFI produces: they think of valuable leathers, without losing sight of the practicality which has always defined the FFI collections… and sure these ladies are always on the move! Leading a hectic life between work and children they need something precious and comfortable… let’s tell the truth, we may forget to brush our hair but a handbag defines us.
Here we have it! The new line of bags is called Pink Star, our precious object.
And look, even the name of the diamond represents in its initials our first names.


Here we go: the Pink Star series is only on sale online.